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This Site is Closed! We've Moved!

While I had a great run with this site for the last few years, I'm no longer updating things here. For all things pertaining to me, my work and my life, please go to


Kentucky Engagement

I met up with Lydia and Adam recently for their engagement session, and rather than having hard-and-fast plans, we more or less winged it location-wise. It was an unusually warm autumn day, the colors of the changing leaves were peaking, so we packed up the truck and took off on an adventure.

The result? Fresh images and a happy photographer. :)

Rocking boots and looking hot. You, too, Lydia! bwahahaha

Epic moment.

My favorite! This will look great as a Facebook cover photo. Note to Lydia and Adam: Let me send you one already sized/cropped for it. It will look awesome.

Love this.

Big thanks to Always Planned for recommending me for Lydia's and Adam's wedding next year. They felt we'd be a good fit, and they were totally right. These two are super-cool.

If you'd like to keep up with new work, including the wedding of these two next spring, you might consider connecting with me HERE.  I'd love to hear from you all! Take care!  -shaun

  • Shaun, we have been so eagerly awaiting the photos! Lydia and Adam were thrilled with the day they spent with you, and you definitely did not disappoint! Can't wait to see the rest! Great job, and of course beautiful subjects! :)

Indian Wedding in Kentucky: Sheena and Sameer (Part 7)

Here's the very last installment in the series. The finale! Complete with the big surprise I had alluded to early on.

(If you're looking for those previous posts, they're here: 1234 5,  and 6.)


Part 6 left off with Sheena preparing for the reception. The guests began to congregate downstairs for cocktails and appetizers in the prefunction area outside the reception ballroom, which was closed off from view. Inside, I found Sheena crying. Happy tears, though. She was overwhelmed by the work that Ragini and Sima Patel (Weddings InStyle) had done. The ballroom was over-the-top phenomenal.

I had never seen a platform used for the wedding party and immediate family seating. Very cool.

Sima and Ragini surprised Sheena with a few extras. Like these flowers running the length of the head table and pooling at the floor. Breathtaking. Especially with the peacock feathers.

Now that everyone was in their evening wear, we took some final group shots.

Outside the ballroom, cocktail hour was going strong. As photographers, we always love focusing on the candids, the details, and the cool portraits during a wedding day. But there's something just as important that's often overlooked---photos of the guests looking at the camera. Big thanks to CJ for walking around photographing couples and groups of people hanging out while Betsy and I worked with the wedding party behind the scenes. Sheena, Sameer and their families will enjoy having them. All of the photos from the day (including those cocktail group photos by CJ) are HERE.

Once everyone was welcomed into the reception ballroom and thoroughly blown away visually, Sheena and Sameer made their entrance.

My friend and the bride from the first Indian wedding I shot several years ago---Holly. And her sweet mom.

Nisha and Priya started off the speeches.

Apparently this was the stick used to keep Sameer in line when he was little. Everyone (especially Sameer's mom) was surprised that it had resurfaced during the speeches. And to the delight of everyone, it was passed on down to Sheena for future use. Bwahahaha.

The dads.

The moms got to feed cake to them.

Remember the big surprise I told you about?

Well look at where the first dance is happening in this shoot. No dance floor. Just a nice open bit of floorspace. While the reception thus far had been incredible, I'm betting that the guests (especially the ones who like to party), were a bit bummed that there didn't seem to be much emphasis placed on dancing and getting a little crazy.

In this picture, you can tell that Sheena is up to something. Might she and Sameer know about something else?

Like another enormous ballroom hidden behind the draping next to them? One with live music, bars, desserts, lounging areas and photobooth? All done in white?

Halfway through their first dance, the curtain was pulled open to reveal the next stage of the celebration. The band struck up the first number and madness ensued. Crazy, eh?

I was shooting across the room with the telephoto, trying to grab a nice candid shot of Sheena hanging out with some of her girls. She caught my eye and gave me the "get over here" signal. She wanted to make sure I was going to take a break soon and have a drink with her and Sameer. They're the best.

Quiana Parler and Friends. One of the best I've seen.

That's it, y'all! All finished. It was a long road getting here, and I appreciate you hanging in there. To Sheena, Sameer and their families and friends---I count my stars that I'm invited to be a part of your lives so often. I'm always impressed, and I always feel welcomed. Thank you!

And final thanks to all the vendors who worked so hard:

Hyatt (rooms, lunch, bars and more)
Lexington Center (venue, lighting, sound and more)
Funky's (the coolest cocktail appetizers and reception dinner ever)
IC Video (nothin' but love for you, homies!)
Parties & Events/Sherry Spradlin
Weddings InStyle/Sima and Ragini Patel (they're responsible for everything gorgeous)
Jennifer Banks (wedding day makeup)
Brooklyn Browning (wedding day hair)
Kinnari Shah (makeup/hair/overall awesomeness all of the time)
Quiana Parler and Friends (live music---freakin' amazing, btw)
Kamlesh Kothari (DJ)
Sheetal (created custom dresses based on designs by the family)
Origin and Geno's (additional clothing)
Nidhi Talati, Abdhija Joshi, Mayaben Kalathia, and Nileshwari Patel (henna)
Talon (welcome party venue, wine)

  • Sheena looks like a goddess in that white dress. Simply gorgeous! Amazing, amazing photos, Shaun!

  • My dear friend Shaun... You have out done yourself again! You are Amazing!! LOVE!

  • You are so unbelievably talented. I know how stunning the event was and your photos do nothing but make my jaw drop, again! I can't imagine the work that you put into these photos and I can't wait to work with you again.

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