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month: August 2011

Frankfort Wedding Photography: Buffalo Trace Distillery

We all want to be wanted. To have another human look at us, know us, and be drawn to us. Anna and Brett have that.

They also have amazing relationships with others. It's no wonder. Brett disarms people with his humor (Anna might disagree), and Anna has a natural sweetness that puts everyone at ease. Don't be fooled, though---Anna can hold her own in the quick wit department. I laughed so much around these two.

To Anna and Brett---You're awesome together. I enjoyed working with you, and I definitely want to hang out again soon. Holler!

Love how this turned out.

Long-time friend and second shooter Scott Hicks grabbed this awesome shot.

This laugh came after I was telling Brett which celebrity I thought he looked like.


And this would be a moment where Anna was less than impressed by Brett's commentary. I still thought you were funny, Brett.

Love this.

Hammered dulcimer at a wedding? Yesssir.

My favorite shot of Brett and Anna. Happy. Real. It's exactly who they are and how they were feeling on their wedding day.


At the reception, they MADE me put my camera down and do a shot with them and their friends. Later, Anna walked up to me and pushed a Kentucky Bourbon Barrel Ale into my hand. There's no arguing with the bride, so reluctantly, I drank every drop from the glass. Oh, the horror.

Brett sings. Really well. Here he is with Anna, dancing to a song he had written and recorded ahead of time. Very cool.

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Thanks to the vendors!

DJ:  Beau Robinson
Musicians: Pleasant Company
Cake: Southern Confections
Hair/Make-Up: Lydia Newberry

Lexington Family Photography

I'm not outspoken about my beliefs. If I'm being honest, I'm not sure I could pin them down even if I wanted to.  But I do know this--Lighthouse Ministries is an organization here in Lexington that is actively changing lives. It's for that reason that I donate a session each year to their silent auction. I would encourage each of you to consider getting involved, too.

It's through that silent auction that I came to meet Karen, Aden, and twins Annalise and Lucy. Talk about a sweet family. I photographed them recently on an evening when the "feels like" temperature was somewhere over 100 degrees. Yikes. We had a great time, though. They even brought their own balloons as a surprise!

Thanks for stopping by, you all. If you haven't already, you might also consider connecting with the Lighthouse through their Facebook page HERE. And you can stay in touch with me HERE and HERE. Talk to you later!  -shaun

Elizabethtown Newborn Photography

The last couple posts have mentioned my long-term relationships with customers. It kind of feels weird even calling them customers at this point, though.

Shannon and John, you are perfect examples of this. I love that you've regularly called me for photography throughout the last several years. From Jackson toddling around, to John h0lding newborn Cooper in the hospital, I've enjoyed recording the love in your family.  Katie and I are so happy for you to have Evelyn in your lives now. What a perfect fit to an already-awesome family dynamic.

We miss you!

To sweet baby Evelyn....You are precious. Enjoy all that sleep. You'll soon need the energy to keep up with Jackson and Cooper.