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Carson's Birthday: Oogles N Googles and Our House

Carson's birthday fell during our family vacation, so we celebrated a couple weeks beforehand. And since it's been crazy non-stop since we got back in town, I'm just now getting a chance to share some of these images.

Carson had a great turnout of friends for his dinosaur-themed Oogles-N-Googles party, at which our friend and cake artist extraordinaire Brandi Romines (Happy As A Lark Cakes) surprised Carson with the biggest edible dinosaur cake you can imagine. She spend an enormous amount of time making sure everything was perfect, modeling it after one of Carson's toys. Thank you, Brandi! You're amazing at what you do and deserve tons of success!

Awesome, right?

Pretty impressive, eh?

Flying dinosaurs.

Ally as a triceratops.


Carson loved all of his gifts, but he's especially fond of books and stickers.

While we were singing Happy Birthday, Carson was sneaking a few bites.

Everybody needs hugs.

Especially the kind that lift you off the ground!

After partying with Carson's friends, we went back home to have both my and Katie's families over to hang out.

Auntie Rebecca.


We made sure to give Cera a gift, too. Kept her busy for quite some time.

Aidan is a big reader, too.


Mimi and Pop-Pop.

The boys and Gigi.

Even Ben from next door popped in.

Dear Carson---You can't read all of this now, but one day, you'll stumble across these posts. I hope you'll always know how much we love you and how proud of you we are. You're awesome, buddy---and such a big boy now!

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